Friday, October 1, 2010

Ewe Hoo....Sneak Peek

My mother has a friend who collects sheep. Well, not actual sheep but pictures of sheep, statues of get my meaning. Anyway, my mother wants to give her friend a tile with sheep as the subject matter but with a pun at its heart. The theme was to be "lamb on the lam" which conjured up a lot of ideas. Meredith, Mark and I kicked around a few ideas: a lamb wearing sunglasses, a lamb standing on top of another lamb, a pair of sheep acting as decoys while a lamb runs away in the distance.

Originally, I was going to draw a picture to give to Meredith and she was going to make the tile. When I started working on the drawing, though, I was having too much fun and so Meredith suggested that I make the tile. Well, I ended up making 20 sheep tiles on the first go around so I think I'll stick with sheep for a while and go back to the girffes later. Here is a sneak peek at the sheep tiles in progress.


  1. there you go again taking off and making these as great as the last tiles!
    LOVE them- and since we are selling the others I can not imagine these will stay around long!

  2. Thanks!! I am having way too much fun with this series. One million sheep?

  3. Those are adorable. Great to see you last night.